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In our complex world of humans and machines, CEC researchers are building the foundations, training, and technologies for safe and effective work.

Our research is built around a simple question: What if we designed training and technology based on how people actually do their work? In answering this question, we have contributed to procedures and displays for air and space operations, to basic research for military command and control decision making, and adaptive intelligence for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. We examine human-machine interaction using any tool necessary (field work or human-subjects studies; and interviews, software, or mathematics), finding the appropriate solution for the requirements.

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Amy Pritchett in the Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering, and now, in our second decade, the CEC continues to ignore the boundaries of traditional disciplines in our search for meaningful, implimentable solutions. Aerospace engineers, computer scientists, roboticists, industrial engineers, and education researchers work together to build a safer and more effective human-machine world.

CEC Summer Internship Series: Divya Srivastava

SEP 25, 2019 -- This past summer, 2nd-year CEC student Divya Srivastava worked in Washington DC at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. She was with Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research (LASR) and worked on an human-computer interaction project. The HCI project sought to control a multi-agent system via gesture control using a wearable (smartwatch) interface. This research is key in providing dynamic and robust interaction methods to users of robotic agents.

CEC Summer Internship Series: Will Sealy

SEP 25, 2019 -- This past summer, 3rd-year CEC student Will Sealy worked in Richland, Washington with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He was with the Visual Analytics division and collaborated on two projects, related to both Human-Machine Teaming and Artificial Intelligence. The HMT project seeks to understand how we create common ground within human-machine teams and how this might be achieved by understanding and contributing to cognitive artifacts and machine autonomy.

CEC Graduate Student, Michael Portman, Successfully Defends his Master's Thesis in AE

JUN 28, 2019 -- Today, CEC graduate student, Michael Portman, successfully defended his Master's Thesis in AE, titled, “Context Dependent Total Energy Alerting System for the Detection of Low Energy Unstabilized Approaches.” His research is advised by Dr. Karen Feigh and Dr. Amy Pritchett of the CEC with committee members Dr. Brian German (GT-AE), and Dr. John-Paul Clarke (GT-AE). Below is the abstract of his thesis:

Dr. Karen Feigh Selected to Join the National Academy's 2019 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

MAY 29, 2019 -- Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering professor Karen M. Feigh has been chosen to attend the prestigious Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, to be held Sept. 25-27 in Charleston, South Carolina. 

CEC Graduate Student, Lanssie Mingyue Ma, Successfully Defends her PhD in CSE

FEB 28, 2019 -- Today, CEC graduate student, Lanssie Mingyue Ma, successfully defended her PhD in CSE, titled, “Furthering Human-Robot Teaming, Interaction, and Metrics Through Computational Methods and Analysis.” Her research is advised by Professor Karen Feigh of the CEC with committee members Dr. Terry Fong (NASA Ames), Dr. Sonia Chernova (GT-CoC), Dr. Richard Fujimoto (GT-CoC), and Dr. Ashok Goel (GT-CoC). Below is the abstract of her dissertation:

CEC Graduate Student, Samantha Krening, Successfully Defends her PhD in Robotics

DEC 13, 2018 -- Today, CEC graduate student, Samantha Krening, successfully defended her PhD in Robotics, titled, “HUMANS TEACHING INTELLIGENT AGENTS WITH VERBAL INSTRUCTION.” Her research is advised by Professor Karen Feigh of the CEC with committee members Prof. Mark Riedl (GT-CoC), Prof. Charles Isbell (GT-CoC), Prof. Sonia Chernova (GT-CoC), and Prof. Ayanna Howard (GT-CoC). Below is the abstract of her dissertation:

CEC Graduate Student, Martijn IJtsma, Successfully Defends his PhD in Aerospace Engineering

OCT 29, 2018 -- Today, CEC graduate student, Martijn IJtsma, successfully defended his PhD in Aerospace Engineering, titled, “Computational Simulation of Adaptation of Work Strategies in Human-Robot Teams.” His research is advised by Professors Amy Pritchett and Karen Feigh of the CEC with committee members Prof. Eric Feron (GT-AE), Prof. John-Paul Clarke (GT-AE), and Dr. Matthew Johnson (Institute for Human & Machine Cognition). Below is the abstract of his dissertation with his presentation archived here:

Former CEC Member Addresses Vulnerabilities in Our Voting Systems

Former CEC member, Marc Canellas, served as an advisor to NBC News as part of the team from the Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Institute. In his article, "Was Your Voting Machine Hacked? Without More User-Friendly Devices, We May Not Know," he details vulnerabilities in our voting system. The full article can be found here

CEC Researchers Present on Work Models that Compute (WMC) at the 2018 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Conference

CEC researchers Martijn IJtsma, Dr. Karen Feigh, and Dr. Amy Pritchett gave a demonstration of the “Work Models that Compute” simulation framework at the 2018 HFES annual meeting in Philadelphia. This simulation framework is developed together with CEC graduate students Lanssie Ma and Sean Ye to study human-robot teams in space operations.


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